Dustless Vapor Blasting

Dustless Blasting uses water vapor and Eco-friendly blast media to strip paint rust, and grime from almost any surface. The addition of water vapor cools the surface protecting it from heat. As a result of cooling, we control warping as well. Since water vapor also controls airborne dust the work area is cleaner. We add … Read more

Vapor Disinfecting

Duration varies • Price varies Mohican Mobile Blasting uses water vapor and a quaternary sanitizer to disinfect large areas. Uses include businesses, gyms, schools, first responder equipment and facilities. Our equipment utilizes low water usage which minimizes the mess. Quaternary disinfecting continues to protect after drying quickly.

Dry Blasting

dry blasting

Duration varies • Price varies Dry Blasting can be used in a variety of situations including the removal of heavy coatings & rust. We use Dry Blasting to strip and clean truck frames, wheels, castings etc. Also, because of our equipment’s versatility, we do projects ranging from delicate to aggressive by adjusting media and pressure. … Read more

Soda Blasting

Duration varies • Price varies Soda Blasting is great for delicate removal of coatings, fire damage and dirt. Baking soda is also great for oil and grease. With baking soda, Mohican Mobile Blasting removes ugly grime without harming the surface.

Restore & Repurpose

Duration varies • Price varies We restore & repurpose furniture, store fixtures, antiques, industrial equipment, reclaimed wood etc. Let us help you re-imagine junk into a useful unique beautiful new purpose.