Mohican Mobile Blasting utilize state of the art ESCA Blast equipment to provide Blasting and Surface Preparation services. We add creativity and innovation to provide solutions not available elsewhere. 

When we bought our ranch here in Mohican Country we decided to renovate it ourselves. What we couldn’t do ourselves we hired local professionals to help. We recycled, repurposed and remodeled. We also made and rebuilt equipment to serve our needs and made furniture out of junk. Along the way we learned new skills and new ways to apply old skills.

On this page we’ll share some of the many ways we can help you in your quest to turn old stuff into cool stuff. It’s a blast.

Media Blasting has come a long way in recent years. At Mohican Mobile Blasting we can use almost any blast media. We also use a wide range of techniques for Blasting beyond simply removing paint and rust.

There’s something about getting a project blasted that gives it a boost. People can look at the project ahead and get discouraged at the thought of cleaning it up or stripping it. However, once it’s blasted that anxiety goes away and immediately the momentum is boosted.

I love visiting my customers after Blasting to see their progress. The project may have sat for ages, but once it’s blasted, pretty soon it’s painted, assembled and detailed.

Blasting is our way of helping people achieve their dreams.